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Potter's Wheel

Potter’s Wheel can transform your life, relationships, thoughts, ability to feel and view of God. In Potter’s Wheel, you’ll learn how we bear the image of God, how sin has marred that image and how God restores broken people. You’ll learn four ways we reflect the image of God and how each of these capacities have been corrupted by our experience in a fallen world. You’ll spend time each morning learning about the four capacities and each afternoon exploring what we’ve learned through an experiential lab called “soul care.”

Home Church

Home churches are groups of four to fifteen people who learn how to love Jesus by loving one another. They meet together each week to share their hearts, pray for one another, apply the Bible, celebrate communion and offer their hearts to each other. They are messy, authentic and intimate. They are not part of the church – they are the church. On Sunday mornings our home churches gather together for corporate worship and learning so we can more effectively love God, love each other and love those God places in our path. The mission of each home church is simple: to turn unchurched people into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to reproduce spiritual leaders so we can reproduce healthy home churches.

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Oasis Kids

We value families getting to spend time together and children being able to see what it’s like to have a relationship with Jesus. Because of this, we allow our families to worship together. Midway through our Sunday gathering, we release our 6-year-olds through 5th graders to junior church.

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Oasis Youth

Youth need safe spaces to ask questions and to genuinely be themselves, and our goal is to provide that for them so God can work in their hearts. Our youth group goes to camp every summer, hosts events throughout the year, and learns what it means to live in vulnerable and honest friendship with one another. They learn that they're not alone and grow to understand that no matter what stage in life they're in, God is with them through it all and that he made them for a purpose.

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