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Middle school and High school are challenging years, there's no doubt about that. We are passionate about raising up and empowering the next generation to be confident in who they are. We foster this by providing spaces where they can share openly and honestly without fear of rejection or judgement.

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6th - 8th


Do you remember being a middle schooler? It’s a rough life. Middle schoolers are in the process of coming into their own, all while being bombarded with messages from the world about who they should become. But they don’t have to be alone, we’re here to help them realize who God’s inviting them to be.



High schoolers face an increasing onslaught of temptations and difficulties, that when faced without Godly community and support, can be difficult to traverse. For that reason, we believe sharing life with others who are like-minded help us to honor God and each other. They don’t have to be alone, we’re here for them.



Every summer we take our kids to summer camp! The youth group spends a week together, middle school and high school, in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of New Mexico. It’s Gospel-centered, an incredibly formative experience, and of course a lot of fun. Relationships are deepened at camp — with God and with each other.


Who leads them?

Our youth leaders are loving, caring individuals who want to help see your student make the most of their adolescence. They have been equipped to care for your students and have all passed rigorous background and screens processes.

When do they meet? 

They meet each Sunday (except for Holiday weekends) from 4:00-5:30 pm. They meet at the same home, but separate into two groups for group time: middle and high school.

What do they do?

Our youth group meets weekly and spends time playing games, learning how to have healthy relationships, and praying for one another. They genuinely do life together.

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